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Through the years, house. wine. & bistro. and SALT – New American Table have grown into what Larry and Jessica Delgado had envisioned. However, things didn’t just fall into their lap, absolute and perfectly. Much like the process of creating a delectable dish, which takes time and preparation, the Delgados’ vision was slowly cured and carefully dressed through years of hard work.

A Story Worth Telling

The passion and drive to be great at anything in life starts at a young age. This is something that holds especially true for Chef Larry Delgado. At just 6 years of age, Larry could be seen helping his mother with the day’s meals in the family’s kitchen. His love for the kitchen was further strengthened at the age of 16 when he was given his first restaurant job. Larry’s passion to continue working eventually led him to a stint as a migrant worker.

It was there that, while picking the day’s produce, Larry was able to taste the fruit of his labor as it was meant to be tasted: directly from the source. This specific moment lit a fire in the future chef and he knew the life of a culinary master was in his cards.

Life soon took Larry to Austin, Texas where his love for cuisine met its match with his now-wife, Jessica. Jessica, who has the values notorious in Austinites, became a driving force in Larry’s personal and professional life. Her love for palatable food, passion for local sourcing and drive to delve deeper into sustainable practices were perfect compliments for Larry’s desire to create dishes like no other.

The Goal

The next step in the Delgados’ path was an obvious one: to lay the foundation for a restaurant that thrives in culinary perfection and holds the same values within its kitchen as the Delgados’ do at home. It was at this point that the couple decided to open house. wine. & bistro. and then SALT – New American Table in McAllen, Texas where Larry’s love for the kitchen was first kindled.

The couple’s decision to head back to the Rio Grande Valley was made due to their passion for McAllen, the development in the area and their desire to make an impact. Every plate that makes its way to a customer’s table is not only crafted to please the palate, but with an additional goal in mind. The two restaurants allow the Delgado family an opportunity to support the local economy, embrace local sources and share their craft with the community. The future, without a doubt, has more in store for Larry and Jessica. But, whatever they’re cooking, you can be sure they’ll do it with an endless love for the place they call home.

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