The Nutritional Reasons Why Organic Food is a Must

SALT – New American Table thrives in the delicious, but as much as we love a great-tasting dish, we never dilute our opportunity to provide healthy food. Since our inception, we’ve taken pride in ensuring that every last garnish on our plates comes from family-owned farms from just a stone’s throw away. While we do this to provide freshness, we additionally do so to provide the many benefits of organic food.


It’s not uncommon for farms that mass-produce their products to use artificially-created fertilizers. Their reason for doing so is the idea that you can replace the nutrients needed in farming with synthetic nourishments. While many believe bigger, conventionally-grown, fruits and vegetables are healthier, the truth is organic produce is far more nutritious. According to, there are a few nutritional organic food facts everyone should consider:

  • Organic food contains 27% more vitamin C, 21.1% more iron, 29.3% more magnesium, 13.6% more phosphorus and 18% more polyphenols than its conventionally-grown counterpart.
  • According to researchers, there is an average of 600% more salicylic acid in organic soups. Salicylic acid is pivotal to the body and a health-enhancing substance. Additionally, organic carrot and coriander soup generally has 1,040 nanograms of salicylic acid, as opposed to the 20 nanograms that nonorganic soups generally have.
  • The fats in organic meat are healthier and less prevalent than those in regular meat.
  • Organic meat has been the only U.S. type to remain free of Creutzfeldt-Jakob, a deadly prion brain disease.


If you’re looking for a delicious path to global flavors via organic Rio Grande Valley produce, then SALT – New American Table is where you need to be. Come drink one of our refreshing Texas beers while we fix a dish that will drive your taste buds crazy and invigorate your love for food. Reserve your table with us in McAllen today.

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